girls girls girls jonghyun ver.

the cute way Minho wipes away  the baby JJong’s tears 



When Tae ships Jongyu…

Jongyu pls part 2.

part 1

cr. Lovely Onew

more like when taemin doesn’t wan’t to deal with a crying hyung and onew is like “Fucker” but with a smile and jonghyun is like”WTF i’m standing right here with tears, give me a break” and i’m crying, too. 

Jonghyun are you aware you’re on camera 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。

jonghyun being a gentleman >w<


you’re just mouthing words but you still look so fucking sexy


i don’t think i can ever win against EXO in shipping our otps

oh, key…trans*

oh please key..